Monthly Roundup: October 2023

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31 October 2023
Gregory Eddi Jones

A Monthly Roundup of News and Updates from October 2023

Botto & The Road Ahead

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27 October 2023

Two years into the evolution of Botto, the decentralized autonomous artist, we revisit our strategies, muse over the artist's state, and contemplate the road ahead.

Swap with Variant Fund of 3.75M $BOTTO

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25 October 2023
Simon Hudson

We are pleased to announce the swap of 3.75M $BOTTO tokens from BottoDAO’s treasury for USDC with Variant. This follows the approval of BIP-35 to swap up to 8M $BOTTO from the treasury to diversify funds for investing in Botto’s evolution.

On Art, Absurdity, and All the Rest

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23 September 2023
Gregory Eddi Jones

As Botto enters into its fifth canonical period, Absurdism, we delve into questions that underpin human experience and give rise to the notion of the absolutely ridiculous.