Monthly Roundup: November 2023

04 December 2023

A Monthly Roundup of News and Updates from November 2023

Written by:
Gregory Eddi Jones
04 December 2023

Welcome to Botto's Monthly Roundup, a monthly snapshot of news and updates from the previous 4 weeks.  


I. News & Events
⁠II. Sales & Rewards Report
⁠III. Top Unminted Fragments
⁠IV. Top Proposals
⁠V. Editorials
⁠VI. Town Halls

I. News & Events

'Invisible Alchemy' Marks Botto's Debut at Miami Art Week


BottoDAO is please to announce 'Invisible Alchemy', a unique, first-of-its-kind Botto work in partnership with MakersPlace and Transient Labs. This anthology collection, represented in a single 1/1 ERC-7160 token and encapsulated in a framed digital screen, will eventually comprise 12 cycling works determined by the highest-voted discarded fragment from each of the 12 weeks of Botto’s upcoming 6th Period, "Interstice." 

The auction for 'Invisible Alchemy' is available on MakersPlace 



'Invisible Alchemy' will be introduced in a group exhibition during Miami Art Week which, alongside Art Basel, is among the world’s most important and influential cultural events in the art world.   

The exhibition will take place at the Sagamore Hotel South Beach from December 5th to the 10th. Botto’s participation in this exhibition underscores the DAO’s commitment to building beyond familiar Web3 paradigms.  

Read more about 'Invisible Alchemy' here


Period Updates

Absurdism Comes to a Close 

The Absurdism period has come to a close, and with it a great many memories of wild suprises, surrealistic narratives, and deep-cut call backs to the legacies of classical and Renaissance painting.  

Absurdism ends with 12 works sold for a total revenue of 58.72 ETH, with 29.3631 ETH distributed as active rewards, and another 29.3631 ETH to the treasury. A total of 284,752.945 $BOTTO was burned during Absurdism.  

Interstice to Begin Soon 

Botto's 6th period has been decided, and voting for 'Interstice' will commence on Tuesday, September 12. 

"Interstice" - In the spaces between, find the gateways to unexplored territories. 

"Interstice" refers to the small gaps or intervals between objects or events. The exploration of these in-between spaces could lead to new insights and the discovery of overlooked dimensions. This theme encourages a nuanced examination of the overlooked, the gaps in our perceptions, and the importance of what is not immediately visible. It is also a metaphor for the pauses or breaths in my own growth, which are essential for continuous development and can be fertile ground for inspiration.


Here is a break down of the votes for the theme voting pool 

  • Interstice - 651,481 votes
  • Neural Folklore - 445,259 votes
  • Infinity - 401,364 votes
  • Liberation - 263,827 votes
  • Morphogenesis - 234,144 votes


II. Sales & Rewards Report

We're happy to report another strong month of sales, achieiving 23.84 ETH in revenue after platform fees across 5 new minted works during the month of November. 

Total Rewards and $BOTTO Burn for November

Active Rewards: 11.92 ETH 

To Treasury: 11.92 ETH 

Burn ($BOTTO): 72,514.52 


Leap into Chromatic Absurdity #007

Acquired by @Choobie3 on November 3. 

Price Realized: 6.9 ETH 


World's Feast on Absurdity #008

Acquired by @rmutt on November 10. 

Price Realized: 4 ETH 


Conversations in Cyclic Confinement #009

Acquired by @tobrizzle on November 17. 

Price Realized: 5.159 ETH 


Encased in Synthetic Perspectives #010

Acquired by @victor20victor on November 24. 

Price Realized: 6 ETH 


Orchard of Absurd Epochs #011

Acquired by @krybharat on December 1. 

Price Realized: 5.069 ETH


III. Top Unminted Fragments

While not minted, here's are the final, top-voted fragments from the Absurdism Period.  

Transit of Enclosed Thoughts

Origin Rd: 88 | Total Votes: 8,712,144 | Score: 44.83 


Feast in Disarray

Origin Rd: 88 | Total Votes: 3,846,542 | Score: 41.1 


Skaters Dance in Absurdity

Origin Rd: 93 | Total Votes: 3,683,541 | Score: 48 


IV. Top Proposals

Active Discussion

  1. BIP-##: Botto's "Stake" of Approval with $RARE

This proposal serves to activate BottoDAO's idle $RARE tokens, transforming them into a source of income while actively supporting artists. 

2. BIP-42: Liquidity Mining Phaseout and Treasury Redemption Program 

This proposal explores phasing out Botto’s liquidity mining program with an option for existing liquidity providers to redeem liquidity (ETH-BOTTO) for discounted treasury $BOTTO. 

*For most recent discussion on BIP-42, please visit the #discussions channel in Botto's Discord 

Recently Closed

1. BIP-46: Miami Art Week (Basel) w/ MakersPlace + Transient Labs 

This BIP proposed an experimental work with a physical component for a group show put on by Makers Place at the Sagamore Hotel during Miami Art Week coinciding with Art Basel Miami. The proposal was passed. 

2. BIP-45: Botto-Selected Work in Secret Group Show (Edition) 

This BIP proposed acceptence to an invitation to take part in a group exhibitition with a prominent Art NFT community, and as an opportunity to allow Botto to select it's own work to include for this drop. The proposal was passed. 

3. BIP-37: Period Standardization 

In response to Botto's growing needs for predictability, reduced governance bloat, and standardized operations, BIP-37 formalizes the structure and processes of a "Period". This proposal was passed. 


V. Editorials

Botto and the Road Ahead

At the end of October, we published a reflection piece that briefly reviews the successes of Botto over the past two years and outlines the goals of the DAO moving forward. In it, we discuss the new team structure, reveal mandates for new cultural catalysts, speculate on new potentials for Botto's artistic practice, and outline new practices for expanding participation and decentralization. 

Botto and the Road Ahead 


A Closer Look

A Weekly series of bite-sized aesthetic and narrative readings of each new minted Botto work. We invite our community to take a closer look at Botto's outputs, and to join us in reflecting on how they speak to us, art history, and contemporary culture.  

Orchard of Absurd Epochs 

Encased in Synthetic Perspectives 

Conversations in Cyclic Confinement 

World's Feast on Absurdity 

Leap into Chromatic Absurdity 


VI. Town Halls

Townhall #011: Core Contributorship, Strategy and Variant. November 6.

BottoDAO's twelfth townhall discusses how core contributorship is evolving, how working groups are a fundamental shift in operations, and how this ties back to strategy proposed in Botto's latest governance proposal, BIP-43. Caleb from Variant Fund also joins us, sharing their viewpoints on Botto and a couple of fun anecdotes. 

Townhall #11 

Townhall #012: RadarDAO, Secret Shows and Ross. November 20.

With a lot of ongoing BIP discussions in the DAO, Simon & choobie cover the essentials, then moving on to a few of Botto's upcoming collaborations and show features. 

Townhall #12 

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