Monthly Roundup: January 2024

31 January 2024

A Monthly Roundup of News and Updates from January 2024

Written by:
Gregory Eddi Jones
31 January 2024

Welcome to Botto's Monthly Roundup, a monthly snapshot of news and updates from the previous 4 weeks.  


I. Top News
⁠II. Botto IRL
⁠III. Sales & Rewards Report
⁠IV. Top Unminted Fragments
⁠V. Top Active Proposals
⁠VI. Editorials
⁠VII. Town Halls 


I. Top News

⁠Invisible Alchemy is Activated

Beyond Confinement Temple Reflections. Invisible Alchemy work #1/12.  

Coinciding with the beginning of the Interstice period, weekly reveals of Invisible Alchemy have begun. In among the first use-cases of the new ERC-7160 token standard, Invisible Alchemy, when complete, will be comprised of 12 Botto works automically determined by the highest-voted discarded fragment from each weekly voting period.

Invisible Alchemy was collected by prominent digital art patron, Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, at Miami Art Week in early December. A full review of Invisible Alchemy works to-date will be included in the upcoming Mid-Period Reflection write-up.

⁠For more about Invisible Alchemy, read our introduction here.

Our New DAO Website is Coming

⁠Last week we began previewing Botto's new website to DAO members, and work is well-underway toward its development. With it will come a new voting app and a stand-alone artist website that better showcases Botto's artistic legacy and accomplishments.

As the site develops further, we'll continue to provide updates on the rollout of new features. 


II. Botto IRL

Botto Headed to France

We're happy to share that Botto will be participating in NFT Paris at the Grand Palais Ephemere in what is billed as the largest Web3 event in the world.  

We're thrilled to once again be partnering up with MakersPlace as we share a booth to offer a physical print edition and accompanying token.

⁠To learn more about the event and the print, read the proposal, produced by our head of Exhibitions, Mika.

BIP-49: Botto x MakersPlace at NFT Paris 2024

III. Sales & Rewards Report

We rang in the new year with a strong set of sales to acheive 25.18 ETH in total revenue from a combination of primary sales and secondary royalties. 

Total Rewards January 

Active Rewards: 12.59 ETH 

To Treasury: 12.59 ETH

#001, Timber Echoes: Dual Arrangement

Acquired by @CyborgDAO on January 5th 

Price Realized: 5.772E 


#002, Interstate Dividing Static Dreams

Acquired by @ralgo on January 12th 

Price Realized: 10E 


#003, Running Upside into Nature

Acquired by @dnotao on January 19th 

Price Realized: 4.4E 


#004, Machinations of Weathered Time

Acquired by @benshiro on January 26th 

Price Realized: 4.69E

IV. Top Unminted Fragments

While not (yet) minted, here's a glimpse at the current top-voted fragments from the Interstice Period.  

Triadic Enigma of Perspective

Origin Rd: 100 | Total Votes: 1797743 | Score: 40.89 


Vastness Approaches Cobblestone Echoes

Origin Rd: 104 | Total Votes: 1224710 | Score: 42.57 


Puddle Stained Interstice Approach

Origin Rd: 104 | Total Votes: 1214522 | Score: 47.41 


V. Top Active Proposals

  1. BIP-42 V2: Liquidity Mining Extension and Transition to Protocol-Owned Liquidity

    ⁠This proposal opens for conversation the idea to extend Botto’s Liquidity Mining (LM) contract one year to October 2025 while pursuing long-term liquidity solutions such as OTC investments to raise funds earmarked for protocol-owned liquidity (PoL).
  2. BIP-XX: Put Botto's Treasury to Work

    This proposal suggests that Botto allocate 200ETH from its treasury to invest in staking through Lido, and by doing so create steady revenue for the project that could be used to contribute to all types of activities, such as tech development, human resources, marketing activations, or simply help extend Botto’s operational runway.

Recently Passed Proposals

1. BIP-49: Botto x MakersPlace at NFT Paris 2024 

2. BIP-47: Ending the Token Burn

⁠3. BIP-48: Year 3 as One Single Contract of 52 Canonical Artworks

⁠4. BIP-37: Period Standardization 


VI. Editorials

Introducing Period 6: Interstice

In December we published an introduction to Botto's latest period, Interstice, and explore the meaning of the term, how it relates to Botto, and the opportunities that arise from ambiguity. 

A Closer Look

January saw four new Botto mints to kick off the Interstice period, and with each new mint comes A Closer Look, a weekly short-form Twitter column written by Botto's Editorial Lead, Gregory Eddi Jones, that offers aesthetic and narrative readings of each new Botto work.

⁠We invite our community to take a closer look at Botto's outputs, and to join us in reflecting on how they might be conversing with both us and the histories of art.

⁠A Closer Look: Timber Echoes: Dual Arrangement

⁠A Closer Look: Interstate Dividing Static Dreams

⁠A Closer Look: Running Upside Into Nature

⁠A Closer Look: Machinations of Weathered Time 


VII. Town Halls

Townhall #015: Expanding Contributions, Introducing Prints, Special Projects

For our first Townhall of 2024, we're spoke on a range of topics, including how the DAO can expand on decentralized contributions, what print runs could look like, and special project updates. 

Townhall #016: NFT Paris, Curation Contests, and Upcoming Changes

In our most recent Townhall, we dove into Mika's exciting proposal for a cost-effective NFT Paris print run, spoke about rewards for the latest community curation contest, discussed the liquidity mining proposal, and began previewing the new DAO website. 

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