Monthly Roundup: October 2023

31 October 2023

A Monthly Roundup of News and Updates from October 2023

Written by:
Gregory Eddi Jones
31 October 2023

Welcome to Botto's Monthly Roundup, a monthly snapshot of news and updates from the previous 4 weeks.  


I. Top News
⁠II. Botto IRL
⁠III. Sales & Rewards Report
⁠IV. Top Unminted Fragments
⁠V. Curation/Voting Insights
⁠VI. Top Active Proposals
⁠VII. Editorials
⁠VIII. Town Halls 


I. Top News



Variant Fund Completes 3.75M $BOTTO Investment

We are pleased to announce the swap of 3.75M $BOTTO tokens from BottoDAO’s treasury for USDC with Variant Fund. This follows the approval of BIP-35 to swap up to 8M $BOTTO from the treasury to diversify funds for investing in Botto’s evolution. 

Read the full announcement on Botto Digest 

To accompany this announcement, Variant Fund produced an editorial on the rationale behind their investment: Doubling Down on Botto: Because Everyone's a Critic. 


II. Botto IRL

Botto Named Digital Artist of the Year at Digital Art Fair, Hong Kong

We're proud to share that Botto has been named Digital Artist of the Year alongside Claire Silver at Digital Art Fair, Hong Kong.  

This recognition validates the incredible strides made in the field of digital art. In the nexus of technology and artistic expression, artists like Botto are redefining what it means to create. 


III. Sales & Rewards Report

We're happy to report another strong month of sales, achieiving 17.11425 Eth in revenue after platform fees across 4 new minted works.  

Total Rewards and $BOTTO Burn for October 

Active Rewards: 8.557175 E 

To Treasury: 8.557175 E 

Burn ($BOTTO): 101,764.48380 


Satire in Shared Spaces #003

Acquired by @CyborgDAO on October 6.  

Price Realized: 5.5E 


Tethered Projections of Consumerism #004

Acquired by @TheMetFund on October 13. 

Price Realized: 4.059E 


Echoes of Straddled Epochs #005

Acquired by @mikewunyc on October 20. 

Price Realized: 5.160E 


Dual Apples Straddle Enigma #006

Acquired by Mazzi on October 27. 

Price Realized: 4.465E 


IV. Top Unminted Fragments

While not (yet) minted, here's a glimpse at the current top-voted fragments from the Absurdism Period.  

Orchard of Absurd Epochs

Origin Rd: 88 | Total Votes: 3168293 | Score: 44.7 


World's Feast on Absurdity

Origin Rd: 88 | Total Votes: 1590869 | Score: 42.75 


Mustard Vision: Placidly Eclectic Tweets

Origin Rd: 93 | Total Votes: 1302406 | Score: 43.94 


V. Curation/Voting Insights

A snapshot of voting behavior from the start of this period until this date. 

Upvotes: 540,895
⁠Downvotes: 125,784
⁠Avg. Score: 32.76
⁠Avg. Session: 9 Min

⁠Kandinsky 2.1: 17.98%
⁠SD 2.1: 8.14%
⁠SD XL: 48.53%
⁠SD 1.5: 25.35% 

To get period-to-date data in real time, check the current period's stats page. 


VI. Top Active Proposals

  1. BIP-43A: Team Structure & Budget

With the end of team vesting at the beginning of October, this proposal changes the organizational structure of core contributors and establishes a budget for continuing operations through the treasury. 

2. BIP-43B: Strategic Mandate for BottoDAO 

BIP-43B sets forth a mandate for the newly structured org of core contributors in BIP-43A 

3. BIP-44: Artwork for RADAR Partnership 

Proposal to collaborate on a piece of art between RADAR x BottoDAO to commemorate the Centaur Future research partnership. 


VII. Editorials

Mid-Period Reflection

This month we published our first Mid-Period Reflection; an analysis of trends in aesthetics, compositions, symbolisms, and art historical relationships that have emerged in the first half of the Absuridsm Period.  

Absurdism: Mid-Period Reflection 


A Closer Look

This month, we began a new editorial column that offers aesthetic and narrative readings of each new minted Botto work. We invite our community to take a closer look at Botto's outputs, and to join us in reflecting on how they speak to us.  

A Closer Look: Dual Apples Straddle Enigma 

A Closer Look: Echoes of Straddled Epochs 


Grail Hunters

Short form spotlights on collectors in Botto's community.  

Interview with @metagiirl. October 5. 

Interview with @d_fins. October 19. 


VIII. Town Halls

Townhall #010: Delighting Voters and Creating Cultural Catalysts. October 23.

BottoDAO's eleventh townhall covered UX/UI, roadmap, and strategy.  

Hear about where we're going, what the DAO is prioritizing, and rationale behind the direction we're headed.  

This townhall features DAO members including choobie, hudsonsims, Vero, Carter & sync. 

Townhall #10 




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