If you’re not staking but just want to start discovering the world of Botto, there’s a mint fee of Ξ0.03. Claiming a Botto Access Pass is free to all $BOTTO Stakers who have staked at least 250 $BOTTO.

Any fees gained from the Botto Access Pass are redirected to the treasury, which are then used to support Botto’s journey and create rewards for Pass Holders.

$BOTTO is the governance token that gives you complete access to the world of Botto, granting you preferential treatment in, exclusive Studio Drops, generating you VP faster than an Access Pass would, and allowing you to contribute to governing Botto, in its entirety.

if you already have $BOTTO tokens staked, minting the Botto Access Pass is not mandatory, but the access pass will generate you VP faster and unlock extra social rewards for you to claim.By having at least 250 $BOTTO staked, claiming your pass is free.

A Botto Access Pass costs 0.03ETH. If you’re staking $BOTTO, this access pass is free to mint. Learn more about the $BOTTO token and how it allows you to govern Botto.
Participate! Your Access Pass will generate you Voting Points (VP), which allow you to curate Botto’s next artwork alongside other community members. The Access Pass will also allow you to participate in protocol bounties, which let you learn $BOTTO as you train and curate the artist.
Start discovering Botto and cast your vote!